Welcome to RaceMod

Wollongong based speed shop specialising in race car and street performance engineering and components

At Racemod, we aim for the highest quality workmanship with a personal and individual touch. We only use the highest quality parts and components in all of our builds, and prefer to use Australian made parts first, with the US coming in a very close 2nd. We stay away from copy/inferior products.

We have an engineering background, starting the working life as a fitter/machinist, completing a Mechanical Engineering Diploma a few years later, and then got into the fabrication side of things, completing a pressure welding ticket in TIG. We weld aluminium, chromoly and titanium on a regular basis. Having a strong passion for race cars in particular, and are happy to do anything from a turbo drain to a complete chassis. Turbo system design and fabrication is also a specialty.

We are a small team that specialise in high end fabrication work. From diffs to turbo manifolds and everything in between.

We opened up the new shop in the current location in 2014, and have gone in leaps and bounds since day one. We are not aligned with one type of car, we usually have quite a range of vehicles in here at any one time, from twin turbo 8’s, turbo 4’s and 6’s, and usually a rotary of some sort. Before that, we were only open part time, until the demand grew and had to get a larger shop and go full time.

We can also assist in the design of a product/component via 2D or 3D drawings.

Our work oozes quality, from a small weld to a full chassis. We do the little things that make a difference, check out some pics in the gallery, and hopefully pick up some ideas for your own car.